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Beranda » Topi Helm Mask & Kacamata » Helm Fast Emerson Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet

Helm Fast Emerson Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet

Ditambahkan pada: 6 April 2017 / Kategori:
Kode : HFE
Berat : 1350 gram
Stok : Ready Stock
Dilihat : 496 kali
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# Helm Fast Emerson Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet

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Deskripsi Helm Fast Emerson Type Tactical Airsoft Helmet

Emerson high speed helmets are the perfect addition to any airsoft loadout. Modeled after helmets in use by Special Forces operators, the Emerson’s comfortable and lightweight construction offers adequate protection for all airsoft combat scenarios while at the same time minimizing fatigue. Thanks to their modularity and sleek tactical design, these are quickly becoming the new favorite go-to helmet amongst airsofters. These modular helmets can be customized with a wide array of rail attached accessories, add-on Velcro panels, helmet covers, and various mounts for night vision devices or your Go-Pro Camera to capture all your action! The adjustable strap system ensures proper retention at multiple points while maintaining maximum comfort. The extra wide ear cut ensures your hearing will not be obstructed and at the same time offers adequate space to comfortably wear your favorite communications headset. Emerson helmets come in a “basic” and an “advanced” version. The basic version is great for operators on a budget that do not want to compromise quality. This version is filled with hard foam similar to bicycle helmets with a basic strap system. While it does not offer the same level of adjustment as the advanced helmet, the basic helmet is still very comfortable to wear. The Advanced version comes fitted with soft foam pads and an adjustable head band instead of the hard foam. The strap also has a chin band for a more secure fit and reduces helmet shift when on the move. Finally the advanced helmet offers a dial to quickly and easily adjust for a wide range of head sizes to ensure maximum comfort.


  • Lightweight, hard shell design

  • Completely adjustable from size of headband to height of helmet

  • Easily tighten/loosen the headband via rear adjustment dial

  • Chinstrap lined for comfort

  • Removable, adjustable internal padding

  • Tactical side rails for your tactical accessories

  • Integrated NVG mounting point (NVG mount not included)

  • Velcro panels on right, left, top, and backside of helmet for morale patches, nameplates and IR / reflective tabs

  • Replacement internal pad and headband set available

Size: One Size Fits Most, Adjustable. Color: Black and Tan. Manufacturer: Emerson. Note: For Airsoft Use ONLY.

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