Jual Holster Blackhawk FN M1911 Sarung Pistol Handgun Airsoft M 1911 Black Hawk CQC

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Harga Rp. 125.000

Blackhawk CQC holster style hard plastic tactical holster USA For 1911 Handgun / Pistol No Marking

100% brand new

Available colors: black

* Holster allows a quick draw when the pistol is needed and a secure lock on the glove back.
* Equipped with both paddle and belt loop attachment.
* Paddle allowing you to wear gloves with or without a belt and allows for easy put on and take the gloves.
* Attachment belt loop adapted to fit on different belt sizes.
* Holster carry adjustable angle.
* Durable carbon fiber composite material.

Applications: Military & tactical and police and army gun / airsoft / pistol / shotgun / war game activities cs game hunting / outdoors.

WA: 0823-1096-3736

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